Channel new prospects into the sales funnel, drive qualified leads in the most cost effective ways to reach a large audience.

OnMedia is a Google AdWords & Video Partner

OnMedia is trained and certified by Google for industry proficiency and best practices in managing search campaigns. We provide comprehensive monthly campaign reporting to quickly track month over month performance. For more in-depth views, you can link your search campaign to your Google Analytics account to see all customer interactions.

Audience Targeting

Reach audiences who are already searching for the kinds of products and services you offer using demographic and behavioral data across a wide variety of sites.


Topic Targeting

Reach potential customers with content that is related to a select topic.

Digital Media
Brand Message
Online Ads
Target Audience

Contextual Targeting

Reach consumers by keyword searches.


See also: beauty tips, hair salon, makeup and hair

Precise audience targeting is what makes paid advertising so effective and cost efficient. We can target your audience contextually using demographics, interests, income, location, and other relevant segments and then re-target visitors who click to your site but do not convert.


Complement your traditional TV buys with Connected TV (CTV) and Over the Top (OTT) advertising, to capture a rapidly growing streaming video audience. Coordinate messaging across all internet-connected devices – TVs, gaming consoles, mobile phones and laptops. Amplify your message by serving relevant ads across every other channel and device your audience is engaging with – streaming music, reading news on a phone, or just browsing the internet. Because CTV and OTT distribution channels are internet-connected, ads can be targeted based on the viewer’s digital behavior. The result is a more powerful advertising experience than ever before.


Social media platforms provide robust targeting capabilities to define and reach the right audience through demographic, interest and affinity categories, allowing you to segment your audience and deliver custom messaging.


Get more out of your campaigns by using display banners with your brand’s graphics, video and other attention-getting rich media elements. Display is much more than an efficient brand awareness vehicle. Through tools like geofencing and re-targeting, you can reach your audience based on their geographic proximity and then continue to engage users with custom messaging when they leave your website.


Reach potential customers with video messaging in front of online video content on any device. Customized, rich media options are available for increased engagement. This is also a simple way to repurpose existing TV advertising creative.


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