We give a voice to local businesses on the primary device choice for watching video content.


Cable TV drives value by enabling efficient, targeted audience reach by network. 75% of customer spending occurs within 15 miles of the average American’s front door. But you have to know where the front door is – OnMedia will point your customers there.

Our local team will guide you with a recommended advertising plan based on your business needs.

  • Highly targeted and affordable advertising plan
  • Data driven technology eliminates waste by targeting the most relevant audience
  • We can geographically target your customers by mile radius around zip code, address, county, state, cable TV zone or DMA

Why Cable Television Advertising?

Think that the sheer volume of broadcast is the way to find your customers? Taking a closer look at impressions is critical in order to know if your “reach” is to the right people. Here are the top 10 reasons why Cable TV is the right platform for your brand.


Attention grabber

Newspaper readers can miss your ad entirely & radio is often played in the background. Only TV has the power to grasp attention and unify your message.


Intrusive medium

Cable provides immediacy and you don’t have to wait for a potential shopper to stumble onto your ad.


Color is free!

Take advantage of audio-visual delivery to show off your business or product. No medium communicates emotion better than television.


One rep, one buy

One rep and one media buy gives you access to a wide range of channels, time slots, and demographic segments.


Low unit cost

Cable spots are traditionally lower than broadcast television rates. Viewership is also higher on cable networks, making cable a compelling medium.


Frequency of exposure

Frequency gets your customers out of their homes and into your business. Cable gives you the ability to customize this frequency over multiple networks.


Reach upscale audiences

Cable households have more disposable income, larger incomes, and are more likely than non-cable households to purchase products across a broad range.


Specialized programming

Cable allows you to target your advertising viewers with an appropriate demographic profile.


Geographic targeting

Spots placed with OnMedia reach your best prospects without wasting advertising dollars on viewers outside your immediate trade area.



Television is the most powerful medium available combining sight, sound and emotion with vivid product demonstrations in color.

Our Networks

  • icone
  • abc-family
  • amc
  • animal
  • big-ten-network
  • bravo
  • cartoon
  • cmt
  • cnbc
  • cnn
  • comcast
  • comedy
  • csslogo
  • discovery
  • discovery-life
  • espn
  • espn2
  • etv
  • food
  • foxnews
  • fsn-midwest
  • fsn-north
  • fsn-south
  • fsn-west
  • fx
  • golf-channel
  • hallmark
  • headline
  • hgtv
  • history
  • lifetime
  • lmn_logo
  • mc22
  • MediacomMarketplace
  • msnbc
  • mtv
  • national
  • nbc
  • nick
  • nickelodeon
  • outdoor
  • oxygen
  • soapnet
  • speed
  • spike
  • sundance
  • syfy
  • tbs
  • tcm
  • telemundo
  • the-weather
  • tlc
  • tnt
  • travel-channel
  • tru-tv
  • tvguide
  • tvland
  • tvone
  • univision
  • usa
  • vehix
  • vh1
  • we-tv

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